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24 Types of Women’s Silver Earrings for New Year 2024

24 Types Of Women’s Silver Earrings For New Year 2024

As the new year is around the corner, preparations and celebrations are high for the welcome of new year 2024. Some of you might also have booked tickets for the New Year bash. So, the place is checked! OOTD checked!! What about accessories? Not decided yet! Here you go. In this blog you will find an exhaustive list of women’s silver earrings and their types. You can choose what jewellery to wear to the New Year party? Find your answers on  TWEOV. How do you choose earrings for any occasion?

As you step into the New Year, consider experimenting with diverse styles of women’s silver earrings. Whether you prefer a timeless and classic approach or are ready to embrace bold and contemporary designs, silver earrings offer a wide array of options to suit your personal style and make 2024 a year of fashionable elegance. Let’s explore some enchanting types of women’s silver earrings that are set to shine in the year 2024.

Types of Earrings

Gold Stud Earrings


Studs are the earrings that stick to your earlobe. They do not hang down or sway. Studs come in various sizes, from tiny and delicate to larger and more noticeable. These women’s silver earrings are popular among every age of women, as they suit all. The size of a stud can influence its overall look and impact.


The chandelier earrings are the ones that display multiple hanging elements. Their length may vary from moderately long to very long. You can also see this style of women’s silver earrings in Kashmiri jewellery.

Shoulder duster

Shoulder dusters are the earrings that come in very long earrings. They are consciously crafted to cover up the shoulder length. They are roughly 3 inches long. These types of women’s silver earrings are generally worn with highnecks/ tube tops, or halter necks.


The most common yet popular women’s silver earrings are hoops. The name has been coined from the popular gymnastic game hula hoops, which signify broad, round, circular rings.

Party Sparkles Collection Img
Silver Chain Earrings


Also known as lazy earrings, these types of women’s silver earrings are the most convenient to wear. They do not contain any locking mechanisms so they are easy to carry and easier to care for. Since the concept is threader, they are


“Plug” earrings typically refer to a type of jewellery designed to fit into stretched ear piercings, such as earlobe stretching or gauging. They are generally simple and plain in designs such as stones motifs, etc.

The Silver Ear Climbers Earrings

Wire Hook/ Fish Hook

Wire hook / fish hook earrings are also one of the most popular types of earrings. They are best used for swaying and hanging charms/ motifs. These hooks take up the shape of your earlobe effortlessly.

Tear drop

The teardrop women’s silver earrings have a description of a shape. You can find variety in it. Either the whole shape of the earring can be a drop shape or the artisans use drop pearls, stones, etc. in it to give it a hanging look.

Silver Drop Earrings/dangles
Long Gold Earrings


Dangles are one of the most popular types of women’s silver earrings. As their is one simple rule of disc night, those who sway are your perfect party partners, as are the dangles. Dangles may come in varieties and shapes, such as stone, geometrical shapes, traditional motifs, etc. These days, you can also see flip side/ two in one dangles. The two in one dangles have designs on both sides and come in a 3D format.


Cluster earrings generally show a bunch of stones together. Generally inspired by bunches of flowers, clusters of stars, etc., they showcase a design that gives you the feel of group/ bunch, or cluster altogether.


Crawler earrings are the type of earrings that give off the feel of vines/ climbers. These types of earrings start from your earlobe piercing and go upwards to your helix. When it comes to silver and beautiful sparkling stones, nothing is better than these.


These large earrings have traditional design elements. As their name suggests, the idea behind the earrings is to have a moon motif in them. You can see beautiful colours in these earrings. Decorated with filigree work, colourful stones, beads, and pearls, these earrings are sizzling hot for ethnic outfits.

Chandbali Silver Earrings

Pandora earrings

Pandora earrings typically represent heavy metallic beads. These types of women’s silver earrings are generally heavy and have a strand of metallic balls. The addition of small zircons to these 3D metallic balls gives them a rich appearance.

Upper Helix earrings

These earrings are comparatively small in size and cover that particular area. Helix earrings are the ones that cover your outer ear lining opposite the ear lobe. They may be small rings or just small studs, depending on your choice.

Ear-cuff Earrings/ Lower Helix

Lower helix earrings cover the outer lining of your ear, near the ear lobe. These are also called ear-cuff earrings. Modern designs also include the non piercing ear-cuff earrings, which is another benefit of these earrings.

Industrial/ Barbell Earrings

Industrial earrings are very specific and rare women’s silver earrings. They are worn, especially by fashion enthusiasts. A long silver strand with different motif-screws on the edges is it’s identity. The motifs may vary from BOHO to minimal and ethnic.

Chain Earrings

The original idea behind chain earrings is that the chains support the heavy weight of the earrings to give comfort to the  ears. In modern designs, chain earrings come in a wide variety. You can see miniscule beads, pearls, stones, etc. along the chain. Generally, they go with ethnic wear.

Tassle earrings

The literal meaning of tassels is loosely hanging threads that are knotted at the end and used for decorative purposes. In jewellery, the concept of tassels is used in the form of silver/gold linings and zirconia hanging tassels. They are best worn for party nights as their shine is unbeatable.

Jhumka Earrings

One of the most popular women’s silver earrings, which is widely famous in  Indian culture, are  jhumka earrings. For Indians, its not just a piece of jewellery; its an emotion that has been widely used in songs and movies to show love.

BOHO Earrings

The BOHO women’s silver earrings are primarily inspired by tribal jewellery. The patterns and designs that are followed represent folk culture or tribal art. BOHO art itself is very famous in the lifestyle and jewellery niches. So it can be a good option to choose to give a new look to you.

Charm Earrings

Charms have always attracted humans since early ages. As the new concepts are evolving, wearing a charm as jewellery is the new cool. Most famous among these charms are evil eyes and hamsa, which have been used in women’s silver earrings for long time.

Filigree Earrings

Filigree is a type of work also known as ‘Taarkashi’ in many local languages. Thin strands of metal are often cut, given desired shape and soldered to the desired base. These types of earrings often come in varied shapes and sizes but can be mostly seen in chandeliers, jhumkas, and cage style women’s silver earrings.

No Piercing earrings

No piercing Women’s silver earrings are new in trend because they suit the new generation’s needs. As they need no piercing, they work on the mechanism of pressing the edges. No piercing earrings are the need of the hour, where you need style, comfort, and ease altogether.

Geometrical Earrings

They generally contain geometrical shapes. The shapes and sizes may vary. For example, popular shapes on trend these days are rhombuses, triangles, and rectangles. In 3D, people mostly look for pyramid shapes.

Pro Tip: As earrings define your jawline and face, it’s suggested that you always choose the type of  earrings according to the shape of your face.

The Last Say

Looking at this exhaustive list of diverse types of earrings, it can be said that the choice of women’s silver earrings for New Year 2024 will depend on individual preferences, current fashion trends, and the occasion for which the earrings are intended. As every earring has its own characteristics, you can choose the one according to your occasion. Always consider your personal style, comfort, and the recipient’s taste when selecting earrings as a gift or for personal use.

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