Unlock a πŸ‘‰ 5% discount on every pre-paid purchase! Get a complimentary 🎁 gift on all orders above 1000! Grab extra 10% off on shop of πŸ”– Rs 1299/- and more!
Unlock a πŸ‘‰ 5% discount on every pre-paid purchase! Get a complimentary 🎁 gift on all orders above 1000! Grab extra 10% off on shop of πŸ”– Rs 1299/- and more!

Silver Bracelets for men & women

Explore the Timeless Beauty of Silver Bracelets at Tweov

Silver bracelets symbolise elegance and grace that never go out of style. Tweov has a reputation for presenting a delectable range of silver bracelets that meticulously fuse enduring grace and imaginative elegance. Our silver bracelets for men collections can be paired with any look, either casual or formal. Explore our silver bracelet for women with price at tweov.com and check how aesthetically pleasing they could match your unique fashion sense.

Types of Silver Bracelets Available at Tweov

Each silver bracelet design for women features a particular style statement that you can use to express yourself and add the finishing touch to your outfit.

Cuff Bracelets: Trendy and stylish, our cuff silver bracelet for baby boy is best known for its open-end designs that wrap nicely around the wrist. They tend to be decorated with intricate patterns or adornments, which makes any outfit look more stylish.

Chain Bracelets: Owing to their delicacy and flexibility, our silver chain bracelet mens comprise interconnecting small links that give a mobile and light appearance to the items. Our gents silver bracelet chain can be put on over other bracelets for a customised look or worn for a more minimalistic approach..

Adjustable Bracelets: Comfort is the top priority here. So, our adjustable silver evil eye bracelet model is made using an adjustable material to make the look feel like the wrist size of the wearer. The adjustable couple bracelets silver are excellent for people who love versatility and comfort.

Bangle Bracelets: Beautiful and eye-catching, our bangle bracelets are curated with circular stone bands that fit around the wrist. Our baby silver bracelet bangle models differ in their width and attributes, ranging from simple to chunky with embellishments, implying eliteness in any setup.

Stone-Adorned Bracelets: For people who wish to have a hint of sparkle, our stone-set pure silver bracelet for women are especially endowed with gemstones or crystals in silver settings. From the subtle shimmer and bold brightness to the luxurious jewellery, these bracelets can be found to match your special day’s aesthetic appeal.

Men’s Silver Bracelets: When a man accessories, he should do it with confidence. The silver bracelet for men with name offers a mix of robustness and style that he can wear with pride. From luxurious and slim ones to rich and broad ones, our silver bracelets for men add a hint of elegance to all attires.

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What do we offer:

Exquisite Craftsmanship: We carefully handcraft every bracelet in our collection by expert craftsmen, so that there is no compromise on the quality or detail of any piece.

Wide Selection of Styles: From timeless classics to bold statements, simple cuffs to luxurious chains, and customised designs to stunning stone adornments, there is something for everyone.

Premium Quality Materials: Our bracelets are made of pure 925 silver. This is our benchmark of strength, shine, and elegance to take your jewellery investment to the next level.

Exceptional Value: We aim to provide our customers with silver products crafted to be luxurious, elegant, and reasonably priced.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our silver bracelets are made of high-quality material that has minimal tarnishing properties. Good care and maintenance with the use of storage boxes can lengthen their sparkling lives.
Many of our silver bracelets include adjustable features, or they are made in more than one size to suit everyone. Consult the product description for more precise sizing information.
We recommend you to take off your silver bracelet before swimming or taking a shower to prolong its lifespan. Avoid exposing it to strong chlorine and too much water as they may speed up the discoloration phase.
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