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Why TWEOV Silver Jewellery is Unique in India? 

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In the world of fashion there are many giant players in the market. TWEOV Jewels, a minimalistic sterling silver jewellery nascent, by MNR Solutions Pvt Ltd. aspires to be a leading brand in fashion jewellery.  You must be thinking– but why to choose such a newbie like TWEOV? What’s in it for me? What is unique with TWEOV? Let’s dig deep for these questions. 

Let’s get some facts 

From ancient time jewellery is an inseparable part of Indian people. Common man couldn’t afford the high-end prices of silver and gold. The reason being its rareness in India. To your surprise India is not a major producer of silver however it’s a major consumer of silver in the world. Average silver prices generally start from Rs. 750 – Rs 1000 per 10 gms. Even today, silver and gold are driven by US dollar market, so they are the high-end products. As the rupee falls against the dollars, its price again increases. 

Why TWEOV silver jewellery is unique in India? 

It has a value for money. As, said above, silver and gold are driven by US dollar market. Only 6% of the extracted silver is used for the jewellery and decorative purposes. So, it must be noted that silver is still a precious metal to wear. If you get best of the designs and collection in range, what’s better than that. TWEOV silver jewellery gives an opportunity to choose your luxury with a value for money. Once you wear it, you will relish it.

TWEOV, the trendsetter- When you choose TWEOV, you choose to be a trend-setter not the trend-follower. Every fashion has evolved somewhere at some time. Its a demanding affair. When our nation is run by comman man why to leave fashion industry for some few handfuls of influencers. With TWEOV every common man is special! An influencer! A trend-setter.  

It celebrates every community- Strength of Indian community lies in its diversity. TWEOV, in true manners celebrates this ideology. Along with traditional communities it has equally brought in focus the ‘shadow communities’ i.e. LGBTQ+ (as considered so far). It is the first and the only player in the market that has come forward for it….because change starts at home. Apart from that it also believes that art can’t be type- casted and being fashionable is an art. In other words, we can say that its a platform where you can see how beautifully the communities unite themselves when brought under one umbrella. So, we can say that TWEOV brings the regalia for everyone.  

It has a distinctive collection- You must be expecting some description of patterns and how its design is different from players in the market. No! I will not talk about it here. You will experience the magic yourself with our astonishing pieces. It is important to know here that before any jewellery takes a shape it takes a lot behind the scenes. A well-researched market, slogging day-night for a unique design, a dedicated team, and most importantly a room full of valuable opinions. You will find its collection distinctive because at TWEOV , we get the creative inputs from best of our intellects Yes! that’s what brings out the collection of TWEOV a standout from others.   

It connects you to your roots-  The designs and the precious stones used in TWEOV jewellery takes back to you to the era of royals and nobles,   the glorified era of our silver jewellery and what not! The exclusive fine finishing of silver with modern touch and tradition of past is an eye candy to see. TWEOV has come up up in silver jewellery segment with a modern flair while keeping connecting with the roots.  In this analogy I would like to quote here the famous Chilean writer—

Isabel Allende – 

Roots are not in landscape or a country, or a people, they are inside you.”

What can be a best way to depict it by means of fashion jewellery right from the land of oldest culture in the world. From a variety of harappan seal to mythological symbols, from scientific numbers to abstract art, from tribal art to modern day nature art, TWEOV has opened the doors of inspiration. It gives you a reason to feel proud on your nation. This famous quote by Ms. Allende gives a perfect strike to above description. 

There are valued customer emotions- An ornament is not only a piece of decoration, it always has some emotions behind it. A gift from your loved one on your big day or your own treat to yourself, there’s always some story to tell. TWEOV, not only values your emotions but also glorify your story in a style. The silver master-pieces that it ows are a true symbolism of synergy, love, power, passion, gratitude, success and thanksgiving. Aiming to glorify building blocks of nation i.e. the ‘mango people’ TWEOV is one that has emerged within ‘us’!   

Oxidised Jhumka 

What is sterling silver jewellery and how to overcome tarnishing issues? 

The other name of sterling silver is 925 silver. It is composed of 92.5% of silver with alloys of copper of 7.5%. This composition makes the silver more strong and sturdy. Its a best fit for jewellery because 925 silver can be moulded into any shape  easily. However, the purest form of silver is 999 silver which do not get tarnish. Its easily malleable and very soft which makes it unsuitable for jewellery making. That’s why sterling silver is used as a best form of silver worldwide to make silver ornaments and cutlery. To over-come its tarnishing issues, TWEOV provides a specially designed microfiber cloth which save the metal from tarnished. It just easily wipes out the tarnish in seconds and your silver jewellery is ready to dazzle again!. 

Silver Chain for Men Design

The Last Say 

In the end, it won’t be wrong to conclude that, you have all the reasons to make some noise. Dazzling and shimmering in the silver charm TWEOV brings the masterpieces for your every small or big moment.  TWEOV , is ready to launch with its all payload in the market. You think it , we have it in our silver jewellery collection. Are you ready to unleash your imagination? Are you ready to celebrate your moments and SAY IT WITH TWEOV…..!!!