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Silver Evil Eye Bracelet: Classical and Contemporary Values

Silver Evil Eye Bracelet: Classical And Contemporary Values

The literal meaning of evil eye is ‘a cursed glare’ or ‘a malevolent glare’. In many religion and countries there is a believe in this supernatural curse. You can even find a description in Chalcidian text. Many Greek poets like Plato, Heliodorous, Pliny the elder etc. have mentioned it in their work. To ward of evil eye, many symbols are used. ‘Evil Eye’ is one among all these symbols. Its an eye like representation generally in blue and black colour. After the ages of believes, the symbol has become an important part of contemporary jewellery. Although there is no such rigidity of metals but the color and the texture of eveil eye looks good with silver. Such as, silver evil eye, pendants, silver evil eye bracelets, silver evil eye anklets etc. TWEOV, brings you a huge collection of jewellery from this popular symbol used world wide.

What is the Origin of Evil Eye

Not only in India, the concept of evil eye or a cursed glare is famous in Spain, Latin America, Brazil, Italy, Mexico, Turkey etc. Among all these countries , Greece is considered as the origin of the ‘symbolic evil eye’. Its first traces can be found in texts found from Ugarit or modern day Syria. In India, a simple black thread is considered as the ‘ evil eye’ emulet’. There is one other symbol called ‘ Hamsa’ as a magical talisman. This symbol is widely considered as ‘a hand of Mary’ in Christianity and ‘a hand of Fatima’ in Islam that protects the mankind. It is important to note that symbol has gained a huge popularity since  last 2-3 decades. It can be found worn as clothing pattern, in jewellery designs as silver evil eye bracelets or anklets, waitsbands and even in rings and pendants.

How Evil Eye is used in Jewellery

Earlier the symbol was made of clay and beads, later on as the this symbol got popularity, use of glass, metals, ceramics and, enamels can also be seen. To use this symbol as an amulet various metals and even threads are used. Generally black thread is considered as a basic evil- eye in India. Pop culture has added influence of adding ‘ evil eye’ in contemporary jewellery. These days we can see evil eye in different jewellery for men and women. For example- silver evil eye anklets, silver evil eye mangalsutra, silver evil eye bracelets and even silver evil eye rings. Ornamenting and accessories has provided a wide radiant colour combinations in evil eye. Such as blue, balck, white, pink, red, purple, green, yellow. These colors have their own interpretations. However most widely used color combination is blue, white and black.

What are the Classical Values of Silver Evil Eye Bracelets

History of evil eye as amulet is very old. Its been used in different religions and cultures from long time. As said previously, the evil eye got its origin from greek mythology. Earlier it was used as a symbol in tea-cups that dates back to 530 BC-520 BC. The silver evil eye bracelets , silver evil eye- pendant necklaces have been very common form of amultes that are worn in India and outside the world. Kids and new borns are specifically adorned with these amultes to protect them from ‘evil gaze’.

The inspiration of the traditional blue, and white evil eye is taken from the caeruleum of sky and and sparkling holy water of rivers both of which are natural elements and are considered natural elements to protect from evils and obstacles. However, in India blue is replaced by black color considering that fact that black has power to absorb all kind of negative energy. Considering scientific facts too, black colour is formed by absorbing all the visible rays. So, take it scientifically, religiously and demographically the ‘evil-eye’ symbol has a high classical values.

What are Contemporary Values of Silver Evil Eye Bracelets

In contemporary world, the evil eye has become a new cool fashion symbol. From celebrities to sports stars , we can see this symbol as there major fashion statement. This symbol got major popularity in fashion in clothing and accessories and tatoos. The color  and  representation of the symbol is radiant and eye catching that its a perfect fit for modern day accessories. To demonstrate, look at this beautiful silver evil eye bracelet by tweov.

The Last Say:

The “evil eye” is a belief or superstition that exists in various cultures around the world. This belief is typically associated with jealousy or envy, and it is believed that someone with ill intentions can transmit negative energy or curses through their gaze. To protect against the evil eye, many cultures have developed various talismans, amulets, or rituals. These protective measures are believed to ward off the negative effects of the evil eye. Common protective symbols include the Hamsa hand, the Nazar eye, or the use of certain colors like blue, black and and red in their jewellery.  It’s important to note that the belief in the evil eye varies widely among cultures and individuals. Some people take it very seriously and incorporate protective measures into their daily lives sucha as wearing evil eye based clotes, tying evil eye outside their home, wear evil eye ornaments as silver evil eye bracelets, silver evil eye- pendants etc. The concept of the evil eye has been a part of folklore and cultural traditions for centuries and continues to be relevant in many parts of the world today. So, take it religiously or a style statement the popularity o evil eye in contemporary jewelley can’t be denied. Its cool and trendy in the modern world.

May all the evil gaze could not effect you!

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