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Rakhi Gift For Sister and Silver Rakhi: Rakshabandhan 2023

Rakhi gift for sister

Raksha Bandhan is a day of love, bonds, and memories. A day that symbolise that few relationships are beyond explanation. The day symbolizes love and care by a sister and a promise of support and protection by a brother. Tying rakhi is not only a tradition but also has roots in ancient as well as medieval history in India. Buying rakhi for a brother as well as a rakhi gift for a sister may sometimes seem confusing, as we want to give them a perfect and precious memory. What could be a better purchase than silver?  Be it younger or elder, silver is loved by all. It’s traditional as well as trendy. Be it a silver rakhi for a brother or a precious rakhi gift for sister.  TWEOV believes that a touch of tradition, along with modern looks, gives a great vibe when we celebrate our practices.

As we are moving towards a modern world, many old things have been left behind. The old traditional way of tying mauli/ kalava has been replaced by new variety of Rakhis. However, silver has always been in style for Indian fashion jewellery. In the same way, rakhi gift for sister have also evolved from simple cash to gifting precious jewellery or gadgets. This Rakshabandhan, gift your sister a fine piece of love, not just boring cash. Trust me! Your Sister will always remember this gift. All the sisters, find our latest collection of the sleek , simple, and elegant silver rakhis for brother that will definitely catch your eyeballs.

Rakhi Gifts for Sister and Silver Rakhis for Brother: Raksha Bandhan 2023

Earrings :

For Boys: Earrings are the favorite part of Indian women and girls when it comes to jewellery. They define your style on every occasion. This can be an ideal rakhi gift for your sister in return of the love and care she sent to you. Gift her either a minimal stud, a simple hoop earring, or trendy dangles. She will love this gift from you.

For Girls: Gift amazing piece of love and auspiciousness in Om Dial Rakhi for your brother. The rakhi comes with a thick, tieable thread style in two colors as well as in monocolor. They are classic examples of traditional values with a touch of modern ethos.

Bracelet :

Bracelets are accessories that can be worn with any outfit. Gift her a piece of trendy or traditional style that will match her outfit of the day. The stone studded bracelets are the perfect way to show how precious your sister is to you.

For Girls:  Ganpati rakhi for brother is truly devotional and auspicious. The rakhi comes with a bracelet-style style in plain red and a combo of red and yellow. A splendid gift for your lovely brother that matches his fashion sense.

Rings :

Give these trendy silver rings as a rakhi gift for sister to your darling sissy that she will embrace forever. Rings are the most important ornament a woman loves to carry, as they are the most visible accessories. Give her that love that she can’t take it off ever.

For Girls: Gift amazing piece of love and auspiciousness by  Om Rakhi for your brother. Tweov rakhi comes in a bracelet-like style in two colors as well as in monocolor. A classic gift for your lovely brother that matches his simplicity.

Pendants/ Necklaces :

Pendants and necklaces are the accessories that elevate the style you carry and complete your look. Be it any small occasion such as a housewarming party, a cocktail party, or any office party, or you just want to wear it daily, silver pendants are the best and most evergreen choice and a loving rakhi gift for your sister.
For Girls: Send unique piece of love and auspiciousness with  silver rakhi bracelet. The rakhi bracelet comes in a silver finish with finely defined small silver beads in it. It’s definitely a handsome gift for your handsome brother.

Astonishing Silver Rakhis at TWEOV

Shivay Silver Rakhi
Mesmerizing Ganpati Silver Rakhi
Petal Element Silver Rakhi
Ganesha Silver Rakhi for brother

Choosing a silver rakhi and a rakhi gift for sister over other Options

Silver is considered a precious metal in India. It is not only connected with our moon but also considered a good luck charm. Silver rakhi with red and yellow tie- bands are a true symbol of auspiciousness. Silver is also considered the best metal to bring good health, peace, and prosperity. In terms of health benefits, its standards are at par.

Silver jewellery is generally skin-friendly and doesn’t cause rashes on sensitive skin. It has naturally occurring antifungal properties. Silver is considered a ‘ rajsik’ element in Hindu mythology, which helps keep you cool, while gold is a ‘tamsic ‘ element. One important thing to note here is that silver jewelley is generally minimalistic. No heavy designs, no quirky colors—just a simple, plain, and elegant thing that goes with any kind of style.

Sterling silver jewellery is one of the best options in silver because it’s a mixture of 7.5% alloy that makes it durable and non-tarnishable, just as pure 999 silver is. So this rakhi, make it memorable for you and your loving siblings. show them how precious they are with these silver rakhi and rakhi gift for sister.

Some Quick facts about Rakshabandhan 2023

  • Hindus celebrate festivals according to tithi, which is analogous to the moon’s rotation. Poornima Tithi of Shravan is for Rakshabandhan.
  • It runs from August 30th, 10:58 a.m., to August 31st, 7:00 p.m., in 2023. However, we have to look for’ Bhadrakal Yog ‘ in it.
  • According to Hindu astrology, rakhi should not be tied in a time of ‘bhadra’.
  • On August 30 from 10:58 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., there is a ‘ bhadra’ according to the Hindu Indian calendar, which is considered unauspicious.
  • So Raksha Bandhan will be celebrated on both August 30 and August 31.
Best Rakhi Tying TimeDate
After 9:00 pm till late night30 August
Late night till 7:00 PM31 August

Rakhi Timings

Last Say:

To conclude, it won’t be wrong to say that all the rakhi gift for sister and rakhi for brother we do are a nice gesture to show each other how much we love them. No matter how far we are. No matter how often we fight, No matter our differences of opinion, One thing to remember is that we have always been in each other’s thick and thin and a supportive pillar to each other. Let’s celebrate this day with full enthusiasm and recreate childhood memories and new memories for our coming days.

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