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Modern Gold-Plated Necklace Designs That Are Preserving Indian heritage 

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Indian culture has always represented a rich heritage. The glory of Indian culture is widely spread. Many ancient Indian and foreign texts also boast of their vibrant colours. Hiueng Tsang, a renowned Chinese traveller to India in 630 BC-645 BC, has described India as a land of colours, rich people and varied cultures. These varied cultures are so deeply rooted that they can be seen in our art, architecture and lifestyles. In this blog, we’ll see how modern gold necklace designs are inspired by traditional Indian jewellery. What are the popular necklaces’ names? 

The love for gold in India is very well known. It may be due to our traditions and history, where gold jewellery was the sign of a well-off family. This trend is still alive. In Indian marriages, we can still see people giving gold necklace sets and jewellery as wedding gifts. However, new age designs such as modern gold necklace designs, gold bangles and earrings, etc. are coming up with fantastic twists and turns. Let’s explore how Tweov is working to keep the essence of Indian culture alive with modern touch.  

How are modern gold necklace designs preserving Indian heritage? 

Temple/ Coin Necklace 

A modern temple necklace or coin necklace is the one that is hot and sizzling among Gen Z. These modern necklace designs contain string of coins as charms. The coins used can be engraved with different designs. However, the most famous engraving has the goddess Laxmi in it. This necklace is inspired by the Laxmi Haar/ Kasu Mala of south Indian jewellery.  

What’s the story behind the temple/coin necklace? 

Opera Necklace 

Opera necklaces are famous for their long length. These necklaces are generally as long as 34” in length. The specialty of this type of necklace is that it is best used for layering. Since the length is adjustable, it can be layered for low necklines easily. This type of necklace can be seen in the Maharashtrian jewellery of India. It generally contains small to medium size beads of gold. However, in modern gold necklace designs of this type, there are silver beads, crystal balls and pearls too. 

Charm Necklace 

Modern charm necklaces can be found in varied sizes. The whole focal point of this necklace lies in the charms or the hangings. 

What is 925 Sterling Silver? 

n Indian history, use of precious metals as coinage, jewellery and artefacts has been very common. If we look back at our rich cultural heritage, we’ll find that Indian roots were not only rich by it’s culture but also by it’s economy too. In this blog, we will discuss   such timeless metal that has not only gained it’s economic value but also it’s popularity over years. Get to know why sterling silver is gaining popularity? What are the benefits of having 925 silver jewellery? What is the global market size of 925 sterling silver jewellery? 

What is 925 sterling silver? 

Sterling silver, also known as 925 silver or 925 sterling silver, is a purity standard that describes the amount/ percentage of silver in a piece. In case of 925 silver, it means that in 100 g of sterling silver, piece—-92.5% is the weight of silver and rest, 7.5%, is an alloy, i.e., copper. Sterling silver has a maximum millesimal fineness of 925.  

What are the benefits of having 925 silver jewellery? 

—-Lightweight Jewellery 

— Skin Friendly 

— Corrosion Free 

— Investment Friendly 

—- Aesthetic value