Pure Silver Pendant – Featuring Lord Khatu Shyam

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The silver pendant Khatu Shyam , crafted from sterling silver, beautifully depicts Lord Shyam and brings blessings and protection.

  • Size: One sizeΒ 
  • Purity: 925 Silver
  • Finish: Oxidised Silver
  • Stone: NA

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Why Tweov ?

  • Six months warranty
  • 100% Authentic 925 Silver
  • Free Plating & Maintenance
  • Nickel Free

The silver pendant Khatu Shyam is a beautiful and sacred piece of jewelry with deep significance in Hindu culture. Crafted from sterling silver, this locket intricately depicts Lord Shyam (Barbarik), revered as an incarnation of Lord Krishna. The detailed design showcases Lord Shyam’s serene face and vibrant attire, capturing his divine presence with grace and spirituality. Wearing the Khatu Shyam pendant is believed to bring blessings, protection, and good fortune, serving as a reminder of his divine presence and miraculous powers.

What comes in the box:

  • Lord Khatu Shyam Pendant in oxidised 925 silver
  • Tweov authenticity card
  • Tweov β€œ How to care for your jewellery tips?”
  • A soft cloth to clean your jewellery that prevents your masterpiece from scratches, dirt and dust.
  • Imported anti-tarnish soft paper cloth that is used for removing timely tarnish of jewellery.

Tweov Jewellery Care Tips:

  1. Keep your jewellery in an air-tight Tweov box.
  2. Clean often, using soft cloth provided in the box.
  3. Keep away from moisture and humidity
  4. Prevent wearing it during workouts.


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2 reviews for Pure Silver Pendant – Featuring Lord Khatu Shyam

  1. Urvashi

    Great piece. The khatu shyam pendant is completely visible. Happy with the ornament.

  2. Hina

    The gift was really good. The silver khatu shyam pendant is truly mesmerizing.

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Note From The Designer

At Tweov, we try to bring the fusion of Indian colours and western designs that soothe your eyes and match the modern style elements. Bringing back the good old days in terms of using silver jewellery is our vision. Our jewellery stands accurate in terms of purity and standardization. We urge to bring the lightweight jewellery in modern style that bring back the rich cultural heritage of India and it's artisans. Our artisans serve their year long expertise and pour their heart out in making a masterpiece for you. Inspired by travels to such quaint bazaars, the collection invites you to our world of vintage and become explorers and collectors of life’s finer nuances that evoke a sense of dignified elegance and a feeling of elevated joy.


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