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Find Your Republic Day Look 2024: Styling With Silver Accessories

Find Your Republic Day Look 2024: Styling With Silver Accessories

A very happy Republic Day to all of you! Have you planned your OOTD (outfit of the day) for the Republic Day look? But what about accessories? Not Decided? Confused about what to wear? Before I start writing for you what accessories you can wear to glam up as well as symbolising your patronage to the nation, keep one thing in mind ‘It’s only you who defines your style statement. You are the ‘trend-setter’. ‘Silver – Jewellery is another rising but less explored area of jewellery where you can set fire on stage while being sassy and trendy. Here, I would like to quote this beautiful line.

“Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.”  Theodore Roosevelt

In analogy to this line, if we depict its literal meaning, it fits well in the case of accessories as well. Imagine your accessory as a star element in defining your persona for the Republic Day look. It’s a perfect day to introduce to you the star element of Indian jewellery from our old days. The silver jewellery! Many of you may say that gold is still the most precious element so how come silver is the star element? Let’s see how.

Why should you choose silver jewellery for your Republic Day look in 2023?

Well, for that, we have to look back in history to see how people slowly shifted to silver jewellery after a period of using gold. There are many reasons, such as health benefits, being easy to maintain, durability, being less expensive and much more, that I can brag about. So check out these accessories for your Republic Day look in 2023.

Top 10 Accessories for your Republic Day Look 



Silver earrings are the most elegant and stylish things a woman can wear. For your Republic Day look, give these silver earrings a chance to style you,  whether it’s a  silver stud, silver hoops, sleek dangles or shoulder dusters.

Styling Tip

Every earring will look graceful when paired with either of the colours, i.e., saffron, green, white or blue, making a style statement.


Bangles are an important part of women’s jewellery. Today, its not limited to the old days ‘glass bangles’. Silver bangles, Handcuffs and bracelets are also extended pieces of jewellery. Your Republic Day look will be incomplete without this piece of accessory.

Styling Tip

The silver bangles go groovy with nice chiffon saffron / green saree to enhance your Republic Day look.

The bracelets go stylish with your western-wear White T-shirt and denim jeans. Silver Cuffs can also be worn with any Indian outfit.


Rings are the simplest yet most observable accessories, worn by either men or women. Whether you are in office or at home, rings create a special place in our wardrobe. On this Republic Day, style your presence with silver rings.

Styling Tip

The beauty of silver  rings is that they are distinct yet pair well with any style. Be it your office or Republic Day event in your society, These rings will create your aura.

Pendants and Necklaces:

Who doesn’t love the sleek and elegant silver pendant necklaces? They are the ones that add fine detailing to your Republic Day look.

Styling Tip

Small silver pendants go well with western formal wear such as blue or white tuxedos, while medium and large pendants look graceful with Indian wear and informal western wear such as white, saffron, or green suits.


Anklets are among the most widely worn embellishments in Indian clothing. How can we avoid anklets while we discuss Republic Day atop an Indian festival? For all Indians, they are an essential piece of jewellery. On the other hand, contemporary anklets with vibrant aesthetics are now visible.

Styling Tip

Pair the stylish and modern anklets with an ankle length white pant-suit or choose the beaded anklet to pair with your jeans.

Why should men miss out on fashion accessories? Here are some elegant Republic Day looks for men.


Rings play a crucial role in styling your outfits. When talking about men’s accessories, it’s the most important style element that everyone wants to have but in style. Apart from traditional gold rings, these days people also come for other options such as silver rings, rose gold band style rings, engraved rings, etc. Check out the collection at Tweov.

Styling Tip

The right choice of rings always creates magic. For a Republic Day look, wear your garnet green ring with a kurta or pair it in style with rose gold band ring.


Indian’s love for wearing chains is known everywhere. However, offices and corporate events’ aesthetics don’t allow people to wear bold and tacky jewellery. Tweov has come up with solution to this by coming up with simple yet stylish chains for men that suit their aesthetics and also keep their grace.

Styling Tip

This kind of chain can be easily worn for your Republic Day look. Semi-oxidised and solid in nature but shining brilliantly, nothing can beat the modern look of these chains

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Pins and  Brooches

Pins and brooches are some of the most elegant yet stylish accessories. It’s popularity is so amazing that our most popular Bollywood icon, Amithabh Bacchan, used to style his outfits with these brooches on all of KBC’s shoots.

Styling Tip

Pair your silver brooch with jawahar cut jacket or your white kurta. Otherwise, simply tug a stylish ethnic silver pin on your  white, saffron, green kurta.

Pro Tip

For White kurtas, go for an oxidised silver pin or brooch.


Cufflinks are generally worn with French shirts and suits,but their best part is that they also go well with Indian wear, such as Jawahar suits. The silver cufflinks will make a style statement when worn with elegance and homage to tricolour.

Style Tip

Cufflinks can be worn with a full-sleeve Jawahar suit for an Indian look on this Republic Day.

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Men’s silver bracelet

Men’s silver bracelets are not only cool but elegant too. This piece of jewellery should not be taken for granted, defining your forearm flexor muscles and enhancing your manly look. When styling for a special occasion, such as our Republic Day look.

Styling Tip

They blend well with just  a white T-shirt and blue denims for a minimal look or wear them with a white kurta for an Indian look.

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The Last Say

To conclude, I would say that jewellery is an important part of our daily lives. They are the emotions that depict our story behind every occasion. It defines our lifestyle. They are like spices that add extra flavour and aroma. So, don’t be a slouch on this Republic Day. Light up the fire in you and create magic with these silver accessories.


Wishing You All a Very Happy Republic Day!!