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Coral Jewellery : New Grab in Fashion Industry

Coral Jewellery : New Grab In Fashion Industry

As the new year 2024 rings the bell, we all look for new beginnings, positivity and wellbeing. As we all know, colours play a very significant role in our lives. They are not just the pigments but also the shadows of our lives. Colours define our personality and play a very significant role in driving moods. Here, we bring a colour that is known for empathy, warmth and sensuality; they are — Coral Colours. Using the variations of it in coral jewellery brings its own hues. They are not only soothing but also mesmerising. It’s soft, velvety shades bring elegance to you. In this blog, you will learn what the core category of peach colour is? What is the significance of the coral colours? Which colours come in coral colour group? Let’s see how tweov  is coming up with it’s coral collection with a modern twist.

Colours play an important part in our lives. Each colour has it’s own significance. When these colours come alive in our daily lives, they not only create magic but also give off their vibes. For example, red is known for strength, love, courage, and energy. Purple is known for creativity and fantasy. Yellow is known for positivity, joy and happiness. Similarly, coral colours are known for optimism and joy, along with elegance. There are various ways we can use these coral colours in our day to day lives. One way is by using them in coral jewellery. Coral colours in jewellery are known for their elegant and rich look. The more the colours are subtle, the more they go towards elegance. Let’s find out the world of coral colours and know more about them in reference to jewellery.

Coral Jewellery: Past to Present?

Coral jewellery was originally used in Roman culture in 1815. It was a said belief that corals could protect from all evils and lightning. Contrary to popular opinion, incorporating coral hues in jewellery is not just restricted to using the coral gemstone (moonga). That being said, there are many different kinds of gemstones that come in the coral colour group. In modern times, it’s very common to see rings made of peach sapphire, pink tourmaline, etc., which also come under a group of coral jewellery or coral gemstones.

What is the inspiration behind choosing coral colours?

Coral colours are the ones that belong to the pastel colour group. These colours got their names from the underwater ecosystem. The beautiful sea elements found underwater are known as coral reefs. They get these beautiful colours under water only from zooxanthellae for food. In all the science involved, we get hues of beautiful colours like pink, orange and red, as well as some complimentary colours like navy blue, teal, tiffiny blue, etc. that lie on the colour spectrum.

Which colours come in coral colour groups and what is their significance in coral jewellery?

Different hues of pink and orange that represent warmth and closeness come in the group of coral colours. Some of the colours that come in array are Peach Pink- (#F99584), Cantaloupe- (#FFA480), Coral Pink- (#F88379), Coral Red- (#FF4040), Dark Coral- (#CD5B45), etc. These colours, when used in making coral jewellery, mark a western presence. Apart from hues of pink and orange, this group gets hues of green and blue as complementary colours.  The best part about the coral colour is that it’s a gender diverse colour. You can create more feminine jewellery by going for a pinkish tone gemstone or jewellery pigment, and you can create more masculine jewellery by choosing more dark tone gemstones.

How can these colours be used in making coral jewellery?

The one who has mastered the art of pigmentation and colour senses in the lifestyle and beauty industry has mastered it’s products. In silver coral jewellery, these colours can be used in various ways, such as using a variety of coral colour gemstones. For example, the coral gemstone itself, morganite, pink tourmaline, peach sapphire, etc. The other ways of using this colour in jewellery is by using enamels , pearls, crystals, beads, etc.

What is the significance of coral colours ?

Coral colours are well known for their warm and sensual nature. These colours bring positivity, optimism and joy to their surroundings. In the colour palette of coral colours, soft and light colours are known for their friendly, soft, sweet and pleasant nature. The other side of the colour story is intense and loud shades of coral. These shades are known for their aggression, high energy, and physical and mental vigour.

The Last Say

In conclusion, From the vibrant reds, pink and oranges that symbolise passion and vitality to the serene blues reminiscent of tranquil ocean depths, coral hues have the power to captivate and express a myriad of emotions. In the realm of fashion and style, coral hues effortlessly transition from season to season, making them a versatile choice for those seeking both trendiness and timelessness. The vibrant shades can brighten up a winter ensemble, evoke the warmth of summer, or complement the earthy tones of autumn. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, coral-colored gemstones often carry cultural and symbolic significance, connecting wearers to traditions and beliefs that span centuries. As we delve into the world of coral-colored jewellery, we not only celebrate the beauty of these gems but also pay homage to the rich history and cultural heritage they represent.

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