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BIS Certified Tweov Jewellery: Ensuring Quality In Every Silver Piece

Bis Certified Tweov Jewellery: Ensuring Quality In Every Silver Piece


At Tweov, we believe that jewellery is beyond just the adornment. Silver jewellery is a sign of personal style, a treasure for unforgettable memories and an economic value offered over time. As a leading silver jewellery store, we are committed to meeting our customers’ high standards. We offer them stunning pieces of silver jewellery that not only capture their love and admiration but also last a lifetime. This is why we are honoured to provide BIS-certified silvery jewels, thus making sure that each piece is of purity and excellence.

BIS Certification of Silver jewellery

For silver jewellery, BIS certification means that each piece of silver has been verified through the proper tests for its purity. Hallmark is attested by a number inside the jewellery. This number serves as a mark of authenticity. These features consist of the BIS logo, the quality grade, the mark of the jeweller, and the year of hallmarking. The BIS certification provides customers with purity information relating to their purchase.

The authenticity of our silver products is certified by the renowned authority such as the BIS or the Bureau of Indian Standards, to ensure their purity. Every piece of our Hallmark silver jewellery is imprinted with a hallmark stamp which displays the level of silver purity.

Importance of BIS Certification in Silver Jewellery

When we talk about silver being precious, it is all about the purity of the metal. The BIS certification implies that the silver used in the jewellery is of the specified grade. To be pure and long-lasting, the material should be 92.5% pure, generally called sterling silver. The BIS certification ensures consumers of the quality. It also safeguards them from purchasing impure metals or jewels.

In addition, the BIS certification means that the jewellery has undergone rigorous inspections to provide you with the assurance of its durability. As a whole, the BIS certification is the symbol of integrity, good quality and authenticity among other silver jewellery items. Select the BIS-certified jewellery from Tweov! You are assured just to pay the real value of the purchased silver metal.

Commitment to Quality at Tweov

At Tweov, we are here to bring unique jewellery that not only looks great but stands out for its unparalleled quality. We are aware that our clients invest in jewellery to personalise it for they want it to be a beloved jewel for many years to come. That is why BIS certification is a component of our quality assurance plans.

The journey of jewellery pieces from their conceptualisation until they reach our store shelves remains safe, and we assure you that each step is of the highest quality. The crafting is done by our skilled artisans with 925 pure sterling silver using traditional and contemporary crafting techniques to come up with imaginative designs. Each crafted silver item eventually goes through the BIS certification process, where it is tested for purity and then is hallmarked.

The BIS Certification Process at Tweov

The task of attaining BIS certification for our jewellery is a meticulous process demonstrating our commitment to excellence. Here is a rundown of the processes we take to make sure our silver products are BIS-certified:

  • Sourcing Pure Silver: Our journey starts with sourcing top-class 925 sterling silver metals. Our talented artisans make the metal into beautiful silver jewellery.
  • Crafting with Precision: Traditional and modern techniques are employed by our artisans to create intricate designs. Every single piece is made with a conscious effort to perfection, that both looks beautiful and lasts long.
  • Testing for Purity: After crafting the jewellery, every piece of our silver item is sent to a BIS-recognized Assaying and Hallmarking Centre. It is subjected to thorough purity testing. This will guarantee the level of quality expected of 92.5% pure silver.
  • Hallmarking: When jewellery completes the checkup of purity, it is marked with the BIS logo, purity grade, jeweller’s mark or year of hallmarking. Such a feature proves that our product is authentic and has high quality.
  • Final Quality Checks: Through our quality control facilities, each piece is again inspected once before it is offered to the retail market. In this way, we make sure to meet the highest standards that we have set for our silver jewels.


BIS Certified Collections at Tweov

BIS Certified Collections at Tweov are an artful combination of tradition and modernity. Our silver products from earrings to neck pieces are versatile to suit every style and occasion. Here are some highlights:

  • Elegant Classics: We offer the classic designs of rings that have crossed the test of time. Our BIS-certified rings are perfect for casual wear and parties as well. These pieces provide a blend of both simplicity and sophistication.
  • Modern Minimalism: We have Sleek, modern designs of necklaces and pendants that appeal to contemporary taste. These selections are ideal for those who love subtlety and elegance.
  • Festive Favourites: We have detailed pieces of earrings that are classy enough to be worn for ceremonial and formal occasions. The BIS-certified earrings at Tweov are the highlight of the cultural heritage of Indian craftsmanship.
  • Statement Pieces: Show off your bold and beautiful fashion statements with our Pure Silver Bracelets and anklets. These items are a must-have for details and fashion lovers.

Why Choose Tweov: BIS Certified Jewellery

When you buy BIS-certified jewellery from Tweov, you are not just choosing an item, but peace of mind and assurance of quality as well.

Assurance of Purity and Authenticity: We assure you that our products pass the BIS certificate. It means that the silver used in our jewellery is of especially high purity. We make sure that only the true value of the metal is returned.

Long-term Value: Our BIS Certified jewellery is well considered to be an investment that holds its value through the years. Whichever way you wear it or keep it as your treasured object, we provide you the constant pieces that last for life.

Customer Trust and Satisfaction: Our jewellery has been verified by BIS and thus reinforces the customerโ€™s trust and confidence in our products. The BIS certificate works as a stamp of purity approval and you can rely on confidence level about the purchase.

Positive Customer Experiences: We have innumerable testimonials from fulfilled customers who are rejoicing in the quality and realness of our BIS-certified jewellery. Their stories are a great example to you of why you should choose BIS-certified jewellery.


1. What matters about BIS certification in silver jewellery?

BIS certification guarantees that the silver jewellery is manufactured according to the standard of purity and substance. The trademark includes the BIS logo, purity grade, jeweller’s mark, and the year of hallmarking as well, providing the certification of authenticity and value.

2. How will I know that the BIS certification of the Tweov jewellery has been verified?

The BIS certification can be verified through the use of a hallmark which must contain the BIS logo and additional particulars. You can use the online BIS verification tool to determine whether it is genuine or not. Also, you can ask the jeweller for a BIS certification card.

3. Why should I pick BIS-certified jewellery against non-certified ones?

BIS-certified jewellery ensures the purity of the metal and its authenticity. The certification also saves you from buying a fake one and receiving the actual worth of your investment. BIS-certified jewels in addition improve long-term value and customers’ trustability.


Buying BIS-certified silver jewellery from Tweov is wise as you get pieces which are beautiful and meet the most demanding purity and quality standards. The BIS certification that we offer is a testimony to our desire to deliver only the best products to our customers. When it comes to Tweov, you are opting for reliability, top-notch products, and long-term usage.

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