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Best Wedding Gifts in 2024 for a Big Fat Indian Wedding

Best wedding gifts in 2024

In India, weddings are considered an important aspect of one’s life. In our tradition, our Vedas depict this as a very important sanskaram among the 16 sanskars of a human life. Indian weddings are no less than a festival itself. It won’t be wrong to call it Festivity 2.0 after Diwali. This wedding season, explore what the best wedding gifts are in 2024? Why is silver jewellery the best gift for Indian weddings? To whom can you gift at weddings? Find out about the brilliant collection of TWEOV silver jewellery.

Big, fat Indian weddings have been an inseparable part of Indian culture. Regardless of region and religion, gifting in marriages has always been a part of our marriage institution. From reel life to real life, marriages are celebrated in India.

What are the best wedding gifts in 2024?

For Bride and Groom

The most important people in any wedding are the groom and bride. Since gold jewellery has skyrocketed in price, its unaffordable for everyone. In this situation, silver jewellery is among the  best wedding gifts in 2024 because it is precious but affordable. Newlyweds have different choices and preferences these days. The recent trends in fashion have brought the need for minimal ethnicity to the market. Gone are those days when girls used to wear tacky earrings and sets for days on the name of the newlywed look. Today, the jewellery must suit your working and daily life styles. So, for today’s generation, nothing can be better than a precious metal that is also affordable.

For Relatives

Making everything perfect for a wedding is a tedious task. Relatives are the most important part of any wedding, and we want to be happy at any cost, from the feast to the gifts. However, many times it happens that we fail to get an appropriate gift that is precious and within budget too. Gold, again, is expensive, and clothing/ cash are so common. In this scenario, silver jewellery and coins are among the best wedding gifts in 2024. Check out the precious gifting at

To Friends

Your chuddy buddies, your secret keeper, and your important part of life, whom we often take for granted, deserve much more. There are very few occasions that celebrate friendship. The wedding season is one such occasion on which we can show our gratitude, love, and care for our friends. Gifts are the perfect language to cherish this emotion. Choosing the right gift for your pal can be little tricky. It should be as precious to you as your buddy is to you. Silver jewellery can fill this space and prove to be the best wedding gift among all luxury products. Check out the best gifts here

To the bride’s maid and sisters

This female force is the  most stylish and swanky force at weddings, regardless of culture. They are witty, savage, and adorable. Indian weddings and cinema have duly celebrated our bridesmaids in every manner. They are the one’s who carry the aura of a wedding evening, apart from the bride and groom. In many Indian rituals, there is a custom of gifting your sister in law, sister, or bridesmaid, for which you can choose beautiful pieces of sparkling silver jewellery.

Why is silver jewellery among the best wedding gifts in 2024? 

Silver Jewellery is Precious

There is no doubt that silver is precious. Gifting this precious metal at a wedding can raise your bar. The big, fat Indian weddings are known for their pomp and show, and people expect a rich culture and the best wedding gifts either way. So silver jewellery and artefacts are the best weddings that can match the expectations of richness. Even a small pair of silver earring studs and a simple silver coin can place you in the high -end league.

Silver Jewellery is Pocket Friendly

When we talk about preciousness, we always think it’s expensive. However, it’s not the case with silver. In comparison to gold and platinum, silver jewellery gives you rich experience without breaking bank. It should be noted here that it was the most popular jewellery metal in ancient India due to it’s affordability.

Silver Jewellery is Evergreen

As said above, due to it’s affordability and acceptance by a large mass, silver jewellery is the most loved and evergreen metal that is used for jewellery making.

Silver Jewellery is an Appreciating Asset

It’s true that, in comparison to other metals, silver jewellery is affordable but the fact that silver is also an appreciating asset is also not deniable. Silver and gold rates determine market trends as they are derived from the US market. So, when you know all these things about such a precious commodity, it becomes more valuable to the person to whom you are gifting it. So silver jewellery is the best wedding gift in comparison to giving same amount of cash or clothes.

Precious Jewellery is Liked by All.

In India, love for jewellery and luxury in women and men is known to all. This statement is well proven in Indian marriages. Even a middle-class person deserves to give luxurious gifts to his relatives and family. If we are getting the purity and preciousness  of silver at Tweov, why not silver jewellery? After all, it gives a sense of being valuable and moreover, it’s timeless jewellery that is liked by all. Find out a wide range of the best wedding gifts at

The Last Say

In India, weddings are emotional. As we navigate the pages of this ever-evolving chapter, one thing becomes clear: the best wedding gifts transcend monetary value. They carry with them the weight of sentiment, the magic of shared laughter, and the promise of a future filled with love and understanding. These gifts serve as anchors, grounding us in the belief that love is a force that is capable of withstanding the test of time. So, as you embark on the journey of selecting the perfect wedding gift, let your heart guide you. Let it be a perfect standard of purity and authenticity. In the end, finding the perfect wedding gift for your friends, family, and loved ones is not merely a gesture; it is a reflection of the love that surrounds them in memories for ever.

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