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7 Stylish Silver Anklets for Women : Be a Style Sensation

7 Stylish Silver Anklets For Women : Be A Style Sensation

In India , jewellery has always been and inseprable part of Indian women and men. Today we can witness many modern forms of jewellery imbibed in our culture. Indians have a extravagant list of jewellery for beautifying every body part. However, foot are often overlooked. Here we have brought five best silver anklets for women and girls  to outstand the look.

Over a period of time Indian jewellery has also transformed its appearance but its nature and style still lies in its culture and so silver anklets for women have transformed. They are not new to Indian people , its not only an important asset for a married woman but also used from ages for small kids to young people to protect from evil eye. Lets deep dive to know what are the different styles of silver anklets that can add a splash of fashion on your foot.

5 Best Silver Anklets for women and girls

Plain Anklets

The roots of plain anklets for women comes from our culture itself. The Indian version of anklets i.e. ‘payal’ are worn by girls and women on festivals and special occasions. A minimalistic look can be attained by either pairing an adjustable chain style anklet or a sturdy non adjustable ring look.

7 Stylish Silver Anklets For Women : Be A Style Sensation

Black String Anklets

These are the oldest form of anklets that are found in Indian history. Earlier it just used to be a black thread worn around ankle. As time evolved these type of anklets also found its modern way to reach the hearts of people. Generally, they are the simplest type found among Silver anklets for women. Imagine a simple yet classic silver motif adjoined with a black string that’s hugging your ankle is new supercool.

Enlighted And Enchanted Black Thread Anklet

Beaded Anklets

The irony of the beaded silver anklets for women is that they are more non-traditional and girlish style. The reason being their radiant colors. They come in various forms as bohemian style, monochrome, multiple colored-beads etc. New entries in the fashion industry are the beaded anklets that contain a silver dial/motif or no dial surrounded with beads all round the circumference. It can also be found in an alternative or random pairing of silver and black beads or the colorful beads across the anklet.

Radiant Dusk Black Beaded Silver Anklet

Knotted Anklets

Knotted silver anklets for women and girls are the ones that can be worn as casual wear or party wear. It blends well with any outfit, provided you choose the right color. However, if black is your favorite color, you are not in any trouble because black works for everyone. It even doubles as desi evil eye.

Graceful And Simple Red Black Beads Anklets

Evil-Eye Anklets

Evil-eyes are a new sensation in minimalistic jewellery. The roots of the evil eye are actually found in Greek culture. It’s a modern concept of spelling off evils, bad luck, and black magic by actually symbiosing them with an eye. Generally representing a bohemian style, Evil-eye silver anklets for women look good with a western outfit. However, you can also pair it with your ethnic outfit, provided you are wearing Boheimen jewelry or oxidized jewelry.

7 Stylish Silver Anklets For Women : Be A Style Sensation

Some interesting Facts about Silver Anklets:

  1. Ornaments worn on the foot or ankle connects directly to the earth, so silver is the best metal to capture that energy.
  1. Silver anklets control inflammation in the feet and regulate body temperature. Thus, you could seek fewer options in any other metal.

Significance of silver anklets for women and girls:

Indian brides and married women, wear broad silver anklets that symbolizing their marital status. In some Indian states, little girls also wear anklets, depicting the essence of femininity in them from childhood.

The Last Say:

To conclude at this point, even after ages, silver jewellery is steadily making its place in people’s hearts. Imitation jewellery is also popular, but it is not skin-friendly and may cause irritation and a burning effect on your skin. However, gold is expensive. So silver jewellery finds a middle ground between being more stylish, not-so-tacky, easily manageable, and less cost-effective for your pocket. Silver jewellery also conveys richness when used in gifting. Nothing can beat a stylish sparkling earring, pendant, or silver anklet to gift someone special. Start being a fashion icon by having these bestsellers from TWEOV today!

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